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Over the last few years I have enjoyed the social networking aspect of using email to keep in touch with a large number of like minded relatives, friends and associates on a regular basis and it is from this online interest that has inspired me to create my own website.

How one spends one's leisure time is a "Lifestyle Choice" and from a personal perspective, I have become fascinated with the creative possibilities that the WWW offers to keep in touch with people near and far, as well as all the other considerable benefits that derive from being connected to this magical and amazingly useful interactive electronic gateway tool to the world.

Circa 2010Like most people of a certain age, I like to "think" of myself as being younger than I really am, and for good measure, a font of knowledge to anyone who is willing to listen! My photo will confirm to you that I look old enough and travel hardened enough to have collected a treasure chest of useful and some would say useless information and experiences, some of which will appear throughout the Hub Zone!

At this time I am still feeling my way with regards to putting together some elements of this website, so it must be viewed as work in progress
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and I therefore ask you to bear with me by just treating the site as a beta release! However, there should be enough content to make your visit to the Hub Zone worthwhile and  hold your interest for a while!

Being a live website it is my intention to attempt to keep adding fresh, lively and dynamic content which will hopefully be interesting enough to draw you back to the Hub Zone time and time again.

If you personally have any suitable material that you think might appeal to my Hub Zone audience, then please let me know and if possible, I will try to include it within the appropriate zone
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Please note at this point, that you will find dotted here and there throughout this website, some links to products and services, whereby should you click onto them and make a purchase, I will receive in some cases a small amount of affiliate commission.

Kindly also note that many of these products or services I have used myself and that I have absolutely no desire to promote, or be associated with anything of a questionable nature.

Any pennies I generate from this bit of commercial activity will help  me to offset my domain name, web hosting fees and other associated online costs.

If by good fortune, there are *bawbees left in the pot I will put them in my piggy bank. It will help Muriel and I pay for some of Ryanairs tiresome add-on charges, which we have to pay this airline each time they fly us to Pisa in Tuscany to holiday with friends.

 * An old Scottish coin of little value which has been out of
    circulation since the Union of the Parliaments in 1707, but
    still used by Scots when referring to money.

Disclaimer: Purchasing goods or services is a personal choice and the decision to do so has to be yours at the end of the day. Should you decide to make a purchase from any vendor mentioned on this site and in the unlikely event of any negative issues arising with your purchase, it must be clearly understood that I cannot be held responsible in anyway and that it is entirely up to the buyer to resolve the matter directly with the supplier.








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 "Believing dreaming 
go hand in hand"

Hot Line
"Can you hold please"

"Choose a job you love
and you will never work
a day in your life"

"Friends are the family we choose ourselves"

 "Money isn't every- thing, but it sure keeps the kids in touch"

"Friendship warms the heart"

"Make it Idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot"

"Don't ever give up a dream due to the amount of time it will take to achieve it
Time will pass away"

 "The best way to remember your wife's birthday is to forget it once"

H.P. Prochnow


  "Life expectancy would
  grow by leaps and bounds
  if green vegetables smelled
  as good as bacon."

  Doug Larson